Generations Detective is a Genealogical Research Firm. We are research specialists with experience in several areas of interest, heir location, personal genealogy, on-site research, local, state, and national archives research, and education. Our principles sit on several boards of organizations whose mission statements center on providing higher and advanced level genealogical education to the public.

Dedication to Education: Education is the key component to solving difficult genealogical problems and accurately portraying the events. Generations Detective has a passion for learning and has hundreds of hours of intermediate and advanced level course work from the best genealogical institutes.

Heir Location: Forensic genealogy takes the combined efforts of many disciplines, abstract thinking, and sheer determination.  Our firm has successfully located living heirs to estates.  In this highly competitive field we have emerged as a leader in our area.  We’ve done background checks and genealogies on potential heirs to estates in order to include or exclude them form probate. We offer our services to personal representatives, executors, administrators, banks, insurance companies and other court-recognized persons and entities.

Personal Genealogies: Our passion for genealogy began more than 35 years ago and continues today with our desire to accurately tell the story of our own ancestors. We bring that passion and desire to our clients. Our accuracy and attention to detail has earned us a solid reputation.  Generations Detective has been hired for projects both large and small.  Our firm is also available to examine previous work in order to confirm or correct that research.  We have successfully researched many genealogies such as Swedish, German, British Isles, Italian and so much more.

On-Site Research: Generations Detective has proven to be tenacious researchers.  We have successfully located files that other researchers could not find.  We have experience in County Courthouses, Local Archives, Libraries, and Churches and more.  We locate vital records (birth, death, marriage), local land records, wills, news articles, divorce and other court proceedings.

National Archives and Records Administration Research: We have hundreds of hours of research experience at National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Our researchers have graduated the National Institute of Genealogical Research that is held at Archives I in Washington DC.  Understanding the NARA system is a skill unto itself.  Our researchers have found countless Civil War Pension files, Japanese Interment Records, Land Entry Papers, Bounty Land Warrants and Applications, Original Passport Applications, State Department files, and Civil War Soldier Medical Records.

Public Presentations: Our researchers and genealogists thoroughly enjoy passing along the knowledge and experiences that they have gained along the way.  Some of our favorite topics include Military Records, Japanese Internment Records, Land Records, and Civil War Files.  One of our researchers has been published in a national trade magazine and websites.  Our researchers routinely contribute articles and content to local and state society newsletters.